How to monitor iPhone's HTTP traffic

I usually wonder how my iPhone apps communicate with their servers. I had a debate with my ex-coworker about the security of app communication. He thinks we can use simple HTTP protocol for app communication, including authentication. But I insist that we should use more secure way for transmission in apps.

Let me use an example to demonstrate how little an app protects the content and how easy it is to monitor the traffic of an iPhone app.

According to Apple’s document here. I choose tcpdump and take 7-11 Taiwan app as an example.

This app provides coupon for Starbucks. I want to get the content of this coupon.

The steps are as following :

My Mac App List V1.1

  • 生產力軟體(Productivity)

  • SizeUp:多視窗管理,很方便 (免費使用,會跳Demo視窗,但不礙事)

  • Mou:Markdown 即時預覽編輯器
  • Dash:快速Snippets與文件查詢工具 (2012之後會一直叫你花NT300買不然就會一直干擾…請謹慎) 瀏覽器(Browser)

  • Firefox

  • Chrome
  • Chrome Canary : For Web Developer Only, power new future chrome* 儲存(Storage)

  • Dropbox : Best Cloud File Storage

  • SkyDrive:Microsoft Cloud File Storage 因為有之前活動獲得的25G,所以還是用一下。
  • Google Drive : Google Cloud File Storage* 開發與編輯器(Development & Editor)

  • Sublime Text:我最愛的純文字編輯器,設定可以參考這篇

  • SmartGit:目前覺得最好用的Git Client (SourceTree把我repo搞爛過…)
  • Evernote : 日常生活必備的筆記App
  • HTTP Client* : 視覺模擬HTTP Request用
  • XCode:iOS Development* 網路與多媒體(Network & Mutimedia)

  • 好照片:方便的照片特效處理軟體

  • FireAlpaca : 免費的圖像編輯軟體
  • Skitch:螢幕截圖軟體,附上基本畫筆可以標記
  • KKBox* : 到處聽音樂,不用下載占空間 (支持台灣軟體發展!高雄Oh~Ya)
  • VLC Player : 目前找到最通用的Video Player
  • HandBrake : 步驟很簡單的影片轉檔軟體
  • iGetter : 續傳軟體* 終端機相關(Terminal)

  • Go2Shell:可以直接在Finder上開啟該目錄的Terminal

  • iTerm2:加強版Terminal,自動完成/畫面切割對於CLI愛好者很適合* 社交軟體(Social)

  • TweetDeck:Twitter Client, 管理多帳號的時候很方便(我還有jsdc.tw的帳號…)

  • Skype : 微軟沒了MSN,只剩下他了
  • Line : 目前最夯的即時通訊App* 系統軟體

Update Enterprise Apps for iOS Devices only ONE TAP ! (faster OTA)

We all know that Apple provides an easy way(OTA - Over The Air) to distribute your in-house application through a simple web link like following.

<a href="itms-services://?action=download-manifest&url=">Install App</a> 

Sure, we can use the same way to update the app. That means we have to send a email or url to our device owner, then they can click it. But in my case, we serve some people who are very busy. Thus we need a faster to update the app.

Usage : 
Simply One Tap on the AutoUpdate Icon

Then the browser will show up and ask you to update the app

How to : 
1. Create a html file with following code

2. Add it to the home screen.

Remember to update the apple-touch-icon link 

Use you iOS device browser :

Download: - This zip include the sample app-touch-icon, sample-plist, and sample html.

Mac 新手上路記錄 (App, Widget, Configure)

        剛入手的MacBook Air 13” 

第一天拿到就更新了 OS X 10.8.1,速度很快,非常舒服。


首先是Mac Application (免費為主, 付費的… 過陣子再說…)

生產力軟體(Productivity) SizeUp:多視窗管理,很方便(但是會跳Demo視窗)
Mou:Markdown 即時預覽編輯器 Dash:快速Snippets與文件查詢工具
Calendar for Mac:MenuBar上的Calendar - 看的到event! (2012/09/01新增) 瀏覽器(Browser)

Firefox Chrome
Opera 儲存(Storage)

Dropbox SkyDrive:因為有之前活動獲得的25G,所以還是用一下。 開發與編輯器(Development & Editor) Sublime Text:我最愛的純文字編輯器,設定可以參考這篇
SmartGit:目前覺得最好用的Git Client (SourceTree把我repo搞爛過…) XCode:iOS Development 多媒體(Mutimedia) 好照片:方便的照片特效處理軟體
Skitch:螢幕截圖軟體,附上基本畫筆可以標記 KKBox
VLC Player (2012/09/01新增) 終端機相關(Terminal)

Go2Shell:可以直接在Finder上開啟該目錄的Terminal iTerm:加強版Terminal 社交軟體(Social) Adium:MSN/Gtalk/… 整合即時通訊
MenuTab for Facebook:非常棒的Facebook整合 TweetDeck:Twitter Client, 管理多帳號的時候很方便(我還有jsdc.tw的帳號…)
Skype Line 系統軟體
另外還有Dashboard Widgets (尚在摸索中)
iStat Pro
Currency Converter Day Counter
HSLider Page Capture
PEMDAS Translator

由於從來沒有擁有過MacBook 所以

認真研究了一下快捷鍵(Keyboard Shortcut) 的部份。還有因為一直改系統配置,不斷的開開關關讓我覺得很煩,所以後來也把 System Preferences 設定了一個快捷鍵:(參考這篇的教學)


顯示隱藏檔案指令指令defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
killall Finder

列出安裝的package(.pkg)– (包裹還是套件阿~~~~~~?pkgutil –pkgs

螢幕取色使用內建的DigitalColor Meter 


想找一套好的Blog編輯軟體,但是還在MarsEdit 3 / Ecto 等等的尋找中…

40 Useful Mac OS X Shell Scripts and Terminal Commands